Monday, January 4, 2016

An Introduction On The Photos Of Edith Steinmetz, Brookline, MA, 1915

Hello All-

A few months ago, I found a complete book of photos at a local flea market. The book was credited to Edith Steinmetz, who lived in Brookline, MA. The book contained her photos from 1915. Edith would have turned 12 years old that year, from what information I have since gathered. The book contains of Edith and her family in Brookline, MA, as well as photos of a summer camp trip to Camp Anawan in Meredith, NH, which was 114 miles away from Brookline. There were also photos of a third trip to a historic site, which I have not yet determined their location. It appears that Edith photographed and printed many of these photos herself, with the exception of one postcard. Intrigued, I purchased the book for $20, and decided to preserve its contents.

I have scanned the book, and included Edith's information, where it was included in the original pages. All of the contents are below. I decided to post this book to find out more about Edith, as there is very little information on her online. I also believe that we, as people and creators of creative works, continue to live on as long as our work continues on, and reaches people through the course of time. So here it is, the photos of an 12 year-old girl in 1915, speaking again.

If you know more about Edith, and her family's story, send me a message or leave a comment. If you know more about Brookline, MA, or Camp Anawan, please let me know. Thank you, safe travels, and my grateful hello to Edith Steinmetz, wherever you are.
-Daniel Coston
Charlotte, NC
January 4, 2016

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